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WordsPass is a versatile tool for tracking activity in another person's Google account. The app features a system of instant notifications, allowing you to stay informed about what is happening in the hacked profile at all times.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • 20:52 Do you have a YouTube channel?
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    Youtube: Enjoy the videos and music you love

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WordsPass functionality

How do I track new activity on target YouTube channel?

The YouTube platform lets you know only about certain types of activity in other people's channels, such as new uploaded videos, posts, and Stories. For closer monitoring of YouTube users' activity, you can use WordsPass and its instant notification system. The software allows you to track new posts, comments, likes, fake likes, and other metrics of activity on the YouTube channel. To hack and track a channel, all you need to do is specify its URL.

  • Are there any tools to cheat views on YouTube?
  • I uploaded a new video to the channel
  • Looking for ways to promote it
  • 21:04 I have used WordsPass many times
  • But it's not free.
  • Ridiculous money for such functionality
  • 21:08 Good luck then!

Track messages of any YouTube profile

All messages and chats in the profile are broadcasted to the application interface in real time. Correspondence can be managed: send new messages on behalf of the user, delete any chats, schedule sending for the future. The application displays the status of each message: Sent, Delivered, Read. WordsPass can be used to securely track conversations about ad placements on a YouTube channel.

Take control over a YouTube channel

WordsPass users can manage channel database content, including published content and authorization data. You will be able to create and delete publications - videos, stories, and text posts. In order to transfer the channel under the full control, just enter the Google account data in the Creative Studio tab and confirm the transfer of rights (the procedure is performed in the Dashboard of the software, you do not have to sign in to the account via YouTube).

Take control over a YouTube channel
More WordsPass features

You will get access to the following features

Activity history of the hacked user

The account owner's activity is displayed in as much detail as possible: the Activity history tab shows the link to the watched videos, view duration, interaction with the ads in the video, likes, dislikes, and comments left. By default, the software displays all actions in the profile in chronological order, but you can control this with various tools and filters.

Hack password of any Google account

When a YouTube channel is hacked via WordsPass, users can see password of the Google account linked to it. Hacked authorization data can be used to access Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Pay, or another person's Google account. The software also saves the history of authorization data changes, which means you can track all passwords that have ever been used in the target Google account.

Collecting and displaying statistical data

The software duplicates all the data about videos uploaded to the channel available in the YouTube account, and adds several additional metrics: cheated Clicks and likes (the application analyzes the intensity of new views and likes, and assesses the probability that the data was cheated), Edit comments (data on moderation of comments under videos, and others).

Benefits of Wordspass


Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app allow you to locate devices that have logged into a Google account linked to the target YouTube channel?

The current location of all smartphones and tablets authorized in the hacked Google account is displayed in the WordsPass Dashboard.

What notification types does WordsPass support?

The application is capable of sending browser-based, SMS and email notifications. To enable and manage notifications, you must first activate them in Settings.

Will I be able to write comments on behalf of the hacked user?

You can send, edit, and delete comments on behalf of the account owner. In addition, the software allows you to moderate comments under the channel's publications.

Can I transfer control over the hacked account to myself?

In the WordsPass Dashboard you can transfer ownership and control over the YouTube channel to any user who has a Google account.

How safe is it to use hacked account's active paid subscriptions on my device?

We recommend that you use paid subscriptions of hacked account only if you have taken control over of the account. This is the only way to provide sucre and private usage of the app.