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Use WordsPass technology to constantly monitor the activity of any user on VKontakte: find out about new messages in the account chats, track the current location of authorized devices, and much more.

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  • 20:52 I want to set up surveillance on my son
  • 20:52 he's been on his phone all the time lately
  • it's a little scary.
  • 21:04 Hi Lana! Teenagers.... 😂
  • 20:07

    Parental controls for VK

  • 21:08 There aren't really many solutions...
  • 21:12 Oh, I think that's what we need! Have you tried it?
  • 21:08 It was a long time ago.
  • 21:08 The year before last. It all worked out!
  • 21:12 They seem to be asking for quite reasonable money.
  • 21:12 What would I do without you :)
  • 21:08 Always a pleasure, feel free to ask more
WordsPass features for hacking VKontakte

How to get back a stolen VKontakte public page or group

The WordsPass app allows you to regain control of the VK page or group if the profile has been hacked or you have forgotten the password. In the interface of the software, just enter the link to the target page, pay for the necessary functionality, and run it. Once the procedure is complete, you will both regain administration and ownership rights, and become able to track the IP address, location, and data of the device from which the account or page was controlled before.

  • I'm thinking of buying a VK page
  • I need at least 40,000 subscribers
  • But so far I haven't seen anything suitable for the price.
  • 21:04 Yes, the prices are a bit steep🥲
  • There are some hacking apps
  • Hmm, I have to think about how cost-effective this is.
  • 21:08 You can't even imagine, it's much cheaper 👍

Hack VKontakte Messenger

The software synchronizes the content of all VK Messenger chats with the WordsPass Dashboard web interface. You will be able to read correspondence, delete, restore and edit incoming and outgoing messages, track their status (Sent, Delivered, Read), download attached media files and documents to the device. A media player for playing voice messages is integrated into the Dashboard.

VK Connect profile personal data

The personal data section displays all of the account's confidential information: the owner's full name and date of birth, date of account registration, home and work addresses, and linked payment methods. In addition, the software shows scans of documents that have been uploaded to the platforms for verification and confirmation of the user's identity.

vk connect
Password tracking and full control over the VK account

Password tracking and full control over the VK account

The app broadcasts both actual authorization data and passwords that were created in the account in the past. They can be used to log in to the account through the VKontakte interface or to hack the target user's accounts on other platforms. If necessary, you can reset the current password and create a new one, the account owner will not be notified of its change, and the VKontakte profile will get under your full control.

More WordsPass features

You will get access to the following features

Track interactions with other users

With this tool WordsPass users learn about all interactions between the owner of a VK account and other profiles. All likes, reposts, and comments are saved and displayed as a list of actions, with information on the time of each action. The View History tab shows visits to VK profiles and the time spent on a particular page. Activate notifications to be instantly informed of new likes and other interactions.

A solution for hacking the VKontakte Calls app

Voice calls and video conferences on the VK platform are made through the VK Calls app. WordsPass installs a tracking tool in the target account's database, through which the technology instantly learns about new calls and then broadcasts the content of the conversation to the user interface. Calls can be listened to in real time, or recorded to play back later.

Hack payment history on VK Pay

WordsPass technology is able to track all payments and money transfers made in the account, and then analyze them and collect statistical data. The Payment History provides detailed information about each payment and incoming money transfer (payment type and status, details about the other party's payment account, transfer time). You will be able to cancel or redirect payments that are not yet delivered.

Advantages of the Wordspass app

User feedback section.

What our customers say about us

Sabi Swarovski
Sabi Swarovski
star star star star star5

I tried 3 other programs before hacking my friend's VK through this application, but all of them where based on password picking, so in the end nothing came out. Wordspass did the job much better, all correspondence on his account got tracked instantly, activity reports come to my email, amazing 😃 good luck to the developers!

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Alex Wild
Alex Wild
star star star star star5

I bought the app to get control over a VK community, which had been abandoned quite a long time ago. I succeeded: now I own a page with 40k subscribers and sell advertising 😎 In the future, maybe will expand my account here, if I find more similar communities. Overall, I am completely satisfied, and the purchase has paid off completely.

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Abdu Rasulov
Abdu Rasulov
star star star star star5

This software helped me a lot in solving family problems. My son was constantly spending his pocket money somewhere, and we couldn't figure out what was wrong until I tried Wordspass. It turned out to be the perfect solution because he uses VK Pay to drain his money, which is exactly what you can track here.

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Rostik Levitsky
Rostik Levitsky
star star star star star5

I needed to regain access to my VK account, which I had not used since the army, and the tied number was lost. Well, I went the roundabout way and decided to hack the password from my own VK. It went quickly and smoothly, the page was returned, and the application, by the way, turned out to be quite a useful side tool, for example, through it you can read messages without appearing online.

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Evans Liberty
Evans Liberty
star star star star star5

I hacked into my husband's account to track his location, lately I began to think that he lies about where he goes in his spare time. I have an old iPhone, but Wordspass works perfectly on it and doesn't seem to affect the battery consumption at all.

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Denya Mitusov
Denya Mitusov
star star star star star5

I got kicked out of managing a page I had been administering since 2015. This program helped me to return the debt with some interest 💪🏼I liked everything, I plan to expand my account and track up to 4 profiles. I wish it would be possible to use the advertising account of the hacked profile for my own purposes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I track person geolocation via VKontakte?

The tool for tracking geolocation and movements of devices authorized in the target account is a basic functionality available to all users of the app. Thus, all you need to do to determine the location is to create and pay for a standard WordsPass account.

Is it possible to export a list of VK page followers if it belongs to another person?

To export a list of subscribers, you must have moderator, administrator, or owner role on the target page. Otherwise, we recommend to hack the account of any user who has necessary permissions on the page, and export the required data via WordsPass Dashboard.

How do I restore my lost VK History?

The WordsPass application tracks and saves all the Stories published in the VKontakte account. Thus, you only need to synchronize the target VK account with the software to have constant access to the profile´s Stories.

Will the hacked user know that his account has been tracked?

Normally an account owner never finds out about the installation of tracking when an account is hacked via WordsPass. However, please consider that certain actions can lead to surveillance detection: deleting content from the account database, logging into the account via the app or the web version of VK, sending messages or creating new posts, or using the VK Pay functionality.

Is WordsPass able to track which VKontakte profiles were viewed by the owner of a hacked account?

The application saves information about every time when the account owner have visited someone else´s profile. In addition, the software analyzes data about the time spent on the page and the actions performed, and compiles them in a statistical layout.

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