How to track someone else on TikTok online

To activate a hacking session, all you have to do is provide a link to the profile or phone number:
The WordsPass app is a secure solution for tracking activity and breaking the password of a TikTok account belonging to another person.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • 20:52 Is it possible to hack TikTok?
  • 20:52 I need to track one guy
  • Want to understand how he developed his channel so fastly
  • 21:04 Hehe 😂
  • 20:07

    Wordspass: Hack TikTok online

  • 21:08 As far as I know, this is the easiest option
  • 21:12 What about privacy?
  • 21:08 As far as I know hack is completely anonymous
  • 21:08 But it's safer to track correspondence, posts, and everything else through the app.
  • 21:12 What do you mean, it's better not to log in to the account itself?
  • 21:12 Checking, seems like a great tool
  • 21:08 If you log into the account, you don't have to change anything)
Functions and features of WordsPass technology

How to track cheating on someone´s profile on TikTok

The TikTok tracking app is the optimal way to detect fake likes, views, or followers on any social media profile. All you need to do is create a WordsPass account and hack the account you're interested in. The data on all the hacks performed in it will be displayed in the web interface of the application, indicating the time of its launch and the number of hacked units.

  • Someone leaked Stanley's correspondence on Tiktok
  • I don't know how to help him.
  • And it looks like they also hacked his account
  • 21:04 Hey, Mike, that's not good
  • What if you just hack it back, there are different applications for that
  • Hmm, good option!
  • 21:08 Call me if he agrees.

Hack password and messages of any TikTok account

The application interface displays the full history of messages in private and group chats. The app lets you view the correspondence online or download it to the device for later offline viewing. You also get the ability to manage the account database - delete, edit and send messages, and track the delivery and viewing status of messages.

Track target account´s authorization data

Use the software to find out username and password of someone else's TikTok profile. You will be able to view the current authorization data, or transfer the account control: for this you need to reset the old password, create a new one, and link the account to the email address and phone number - all actions can be performed directly from the WordsPass Dashboard.

Track target account´s authorization data
More WordsPass features

You will get access to the following features

Saving published Tiktoks and notifications

The software is a reliable and secure way to save the TikTok publications. Once the hack is complete, WordsPass algorithms log into the account, track new publications, and instantly save all the content you create. The app includes a browser-based and email notification system to keep you informed of what's going on in the account.

Monitoring and recording of live broadcasts

Live streams are TikTok's most popular and interactive format, with which users constantly interact with their friends and followers. WordsPass technology instantly notifies you when a live stream begins, records it and makes it available for viewing at any time. The software also saves data on comments and other interactions between the creator and viewers of the broadcast.

Duplicating information from the Inbox screen

Inbox is the screen of the TikTok app that displays all interactions of other users with the account profile or content. WordsPass and tracks duplicates all screen data in Dashboard: likes, comments, reposts, sharing requests, etc. In the notification system settings, you can select the types of activity you are interested in so that the software sends you alerts when you track them.

Benefits of Wordspass


Frequently Asked Questions

How often does the software update information about new activity in the account?

The target account data is tracked in real time. All new data is instantly displayed in the application interface.

Is it possible to track the location of devices authorized in a TikTok account?

The software tracks and broadcasts to Dashboard the actual geolocation of all devices that have logged into a hacked account.

Can I change email address and phone number linked to hacked account?

Once the hack is complete, the target profile goes under your full control. You can change password, linked contact information, and any other information in the account.

Will I be able to post videos on behalf of hacked user?

The app allows you to create new publications in the account, but we recommend avoiding such actions if you want to preserve the anonymity of the hack.

How effective is WordsPass as a tool for gaining followers and views in TikTok?

The software is a universal solution for TikTok cheating. By creating a WordsPass account, you can get likes and views on videos, new subscribers in the account, and internal currency of the social media.