Track someone else's password and messages on Odnoklassniki

Enter the link to the target account or the phone number it is registered to:
The app gives you permanent access to information stored in the database of the hacked OK account. Create a WordsPass account to read correspondence, track hidden posts, or take control over pages and groups that the target user administers.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • 20:52 I had all the information on my Odnoklassniki
  • 20:52 But I haven't been in there in a thousand years.
  • changed 20:52 I don't even remember the number that was tied
  • 21:04 I see... 😂
  • 20:07

    WordsPass: Restore Odnoklassniki without a number

  • 21:08 Here's what Google suggests
  • 21:12 Woow, and Tinder can be hacked, too bad there's a fee
  • 21:08 Read about the referral program
  • 21:08 If the information is important, it can be difficult
  • 21:12 you're right
  • 21:12 I'll look into it at lunch.
  • 21:08 There is a lot of interesting functionality in this software, read
WordsPass features for hacking Odnoklassniki

How to find out another person's Odnoklassniki password

To track the password for the target account, simply register a standard WordsPass account. Once the hack is complete, the software will display the actual authorization data. Note that using them to log in to Odnoklassniki account can jeopardize the anonymity of the hack: the security system of the social media will inform the account owner about authorization from an unknown device.

  • Apparently, they only use Odnoklassniki
  • But I don't know how to find them there
  • Is there any way to track the person in OK by number?
  • 21:04 Sure!
  • There is an application called Wordspass
  • Wow, you can even hack it! haha, I don't need that much
  • 21:08 Yes, it has a lot of features.

Hacking and analyzing message history

The app duplicates the full correspondence history in Dashboard, and then instantly displays new sent and received messages. WordsPass analyzes the message history and shows the most frequent contacts of the hacked user. To navigate the database use the Smart Search tool, it can find the messages you want, based on several dozens of different search parameters.

Monitor person's geolocation through OK

WordsPass exports geolocation information from the database of all the devices used to sign in to the Odnoklassniki account. The geolocation information is displayed on interactive web maps, displaying both the current location of the devices and their history of past movements: you can specify the date and time of interest, and then the software will restore the geolocation information of the given moment.

Additional WordsPass tools

You will get access to the following features:

WordsPass Gallery

The software pulls together all the media files stored in the OK account database. Photos and videos published on the page or in groups, sent in comments or messages, made for competitions and activities of the social media, are displayed in the WordsPass Gallery. Any media file can be downloaded to the device or emailed to yourself.

Access data of [email protected] account

Profile hacking on the dating platform from is a free bonus for all WordsPass users. The app automatically tracks the presence of such a profile associated with the hacked OK account, downloads all information related to it, and duplicates it in a separate tab in Dashboard.

Hack into a VK Connect account via Odnoklassniki

The VK Connect account is used to store the data of all user accounts in the Mail.Ru platform services. The WordsPass application keeps track of the current authorization data in the account, and allows you to manage active login sessions in the account - track and close current ones, and create new ones.

Wordspass: How to take control over someone's account on Odnoklassniki without showing my IP address?

The WordsPass application allows you to read the correspondence of a guy or a girl in OK. All messages, sent photos and videos become available for viewing, even if the owner of the account has hidden or deleted them.

Recover deleted posts in another person's Odnoklassniki. The software displays all the posts in a hacked UC profile, including deleted or blocked ones: this is possible because the social media continues to store data about such posts on its servers.

Benefits of Wordspass

User feedback section.

What our customers say about us

Maria Pimenova
Maria Pimenova
star star star star star5

I hacked my ex's account because there were a lot of my personal photos in his hidden albums. Not that he gave me a reason to think that he would leak them, but I feel safer that way. I deleted them all from there, although I had previously downloaded them to my phone 🙂. What can I say, WordsPass seems to be a perfect solution!

instagram Instagram
Daria Denisova
Daria Denisova
star star star star star5

Used the app to hack the community. This awesome software tracks a lot of data, didn't even think it was possible. All I needed was just to take control over a community but at the same time I got access to the "series" about the life of the account owner 🤣!

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

Guys, many will think it's unfair, but this app is the most effective way to get a young lady to like you! You can search for conversation topics, see personal photos, find out everything about a girl, and pick up the appropriate keys. I think I found something to do for the next few years.

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Sky Way
Sky Way
star star star star star5

Let me start by saying that the app is 100% worth the money! I broke up with my partner, and it just so happened that he was left to manage my business page. I needed to return page ownership and he only agreed to make me admin. Luckily I found this program and the problem got solved in half an hour, I'm satisfied, looking forward to his reaction when he realizes what happened.

instagram Instagram
Alisa Loktionova
Alisa Loktionova
star star star star star5

Mostly I'm writing this review as a way to get something out of my mind. I bought Wordspass to keep track of my mom. I would definitely consider it a problem myself, but she reads Odnoklassniki and then drains her pension on odd purchases. The app allows me to take some preventative measures. Works great: convenient, clear, fast. You can log into the account on any number of devices.

facebook Facebook
Stephanie Malikova
Stephanie Malikova
star star star star star5

My husband obviously started hiding something from me, I had to take action! Fortunately, I did not find anything particularly provocative, but it is possible that he just does not use Odnoklassniki for his intrigues. Anyway, what I got what I paid for. I'm not a very advanced user, but I figured out the program immediately, I liked it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the app allow you to find out which profiles did the owner of the hacked account visit before?

The full history of activity in the account is displayed in the Dashboard. It includes info about visits to other users' pages. In addition the software tacks the time spent on a page and the actions performed.

Will I be able to use WordsPass to track passwords from other Mail.Ru accounts?

The application allows you to track the password from the VK Connect account - a single account for authorization in any service of the Mail.Ru platform.

Is the app capable of hacking blocked accounts on Odnoklassniki?

The technology is suitable for hacking any account, regardless of its status, date of the last login, the complexity of the current password, etc.

Does the app find photos and videos that have been uploaded to the profile in the past?

All media files ever posted or sent via private messages are saved permanently in the OK account database. This allows he app to track it and show it to the user.

Would the software be suitable to track the location of a stolen phone if it was logged into an OK account?

The app tracks the geolocation of all authorized devices. In case the device is turned off, WordsPass will track the last current geolocation data and then send you a notification when the device will be turned on.