How to track messages on Facebook by phone number

To activate the hack provide link to the target profile or phone number of its owner:
The app monitors activity in the target Facebook Messenger account without notifying the account owner. Message history, call logs, and other personal information are displayed in a third-party interface.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • 20:52 I want to know at least when he was last online
  • 20:52 But Facebook doesn't show
  • Are there any options?
  • 21:04 Well, in addition to those already discussed, there is this
  • 20:07

    WordsPass: Hack Facebook Online

  • 21:08 Get access to all of his profile data
  • 21:12 Is it free?
  • 21:08 haha, these are not the times we live in
  • 21:08 It's inexpensive, are you tight on money right now?
  • 21:12 There are some complications, yes.
  • 21:12 Can you help a little bit?
WordsPass features for hacking Facebook

How to hack messages of a Facebook public page?

To gain access to the message history of a brand or business page, you need to hack the personal account of one of its administrators or moderators. The optimal solution for performing such hacking is the WordsPass spy app: in order to monitor a messenger account, all you need to do is provide the user's phone number or a link to the target Facebook page. Once the hack is complete, you will be able to view and send messages on behalf of any page that the hacked user has the rights to manage.

  • I'm not sure I want to discuss this on FB.
  • Maybe we'll move to another app
  • Messenger is easy to hack
  • 21:04 I've been on Facebook for over 10 years
  • Never got hacked yet :))
  • I'm going to call you now.
  • 21:08 On which app?

How to read another person's Facebook Messenger correspondence

The web interface displays all of the private and group chats that the tracked user has ever participated in. The software allows you to search through the message history using keywords and filters. You can activate WordsPass synchronization with the device memory, thus browsing and searching through the correspondence will be available without an Internet connection.

Find out the password to someone else's Facebook account

The app duplicates in the Dashboard all the information of the hacked Facebook account database, including the current username and password. It also stores authorization data used to log in to the account in the past, which may be useful for those who intend to try to recover a password to a hacked user's account on other platforms.

vk connect
Password tracking and full control over the VK account

Security and privacy policy

Our privacy policy guarantees that user data will not be used or shared with third parties in any way. The anonymity of the hack is also guaranteed by its mechanics: users interact with hacked account data through a third-party interface. You do not interact with the Facebook platform itself in any way, which means the security system cannot track the IP address, device data, or any other personal information.

Tracking geolocation and movements

The Facebook app uses geodata from authorized Facebook account devices,. This allows WordsPass technology to track the hacked user's movements in real time. In addition to geolocation, the software uses an AI module to determine the user's home and work addresses, regular routes, and most visited locations.

WordsPass features and functions

You will get access to the following features

Facebook Messenger call tracking tool

The software hacks into Messenger's call logs and shows a full array of data about the calls made in the past: the participants in the conversation, the duration and time of the call initiation. All available contact information is tracked and stored for each caller. In addition, the software will keep you informed of new calls by sending system or browser notifications.

Wiretapping and recording of voice calls and videoconferences

When you click on such a notification, you will be redirected to the page where the live broadcast of the call will take place: the application duplicates the sound signal in the Dashboard. If necessary, you can activate call recording - in this case, the software will save the data from the broadcast in a sound file, which will be available for online or offline listening at any time.

Facebook Messenger Stories Archive

The content of Messenger Stories is saved and remains available for viewing on an ongoing basis in WordsPass Dashboard. The software is also capable of tracking and restoring Stories that were created before the account was hacked, as long as no more than 3 months have passed since they were published.

User feedback section.

What our customers say about us

David Wehner
David Wehner
star star star star star5

This software has recently become popular among my friends, they read the correspondence of girls they like in order to work out the best pickups. Well, what am I worse 😀 You can track multiple people here at the same time, so I hacked the Messenger of four of the prettiest girls from my course. It's not even the messaging access that's most satisfying, it's the location information.

instagram Instagram
Any Any
Any Any
star star star star star5

It's a great program! As far as I can tell, it is currently the only app that allows you to track the correspondence of business pages on Facebook. What's more, it seems to be completely invisible to the hacked users, I use WordsPass to read the correspondence of a rival store, and the tracking has been more than stable for several months.

facebook Facebook
Riannon Devis
Riannon Devis
star star star star star5

It's probably not the most popular way to use this app, but it's really good for parental control. I have three kids and they don't use Facebook, but the app is installed on their phones. I set up tracking on their profile link and now I always know where they are. The tracking works great, and my boys always have a hot lunch waiting for them when they get home from school, ha ha.

instagram Instagram
Johnny Yunusov
Johnny Yunusov
star star star star star5

WordsPass is the coolest app for targeters! You have no idea how much easier life becomes when you can simply export a competitor's retargeting audiences and then run ads on them. My clients are shocked, we've never had such effective campaigns on a regular basis. Many thanks to whoever came up with this and developed it, top solution!!!

instagram Instagram
Hannah Melling
Hannah Melling
star star star star star5

I needed to get my ex's Facebook password to delete from my correspondence some very personal information that I had foolishly sent him. Well, it took some expense, but it was totally worth it. The app not only shows the current password, but it also detects when it is changed, meaning it actually gives me permanent access to my account. 5 out of 5!

facebook Facebook
Sandra Rafaelisovna
Sandra Rafaelisovna
star star star star star5

My experience with this app can be described as extremely positive. I suspected that my housewife was stealing from me, so I hacked into her Facebook account to track her Facebook Marketplace posts. Everything worked as it should, the hack succeeded, and I got confirmation of my hunches. A+!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track and export the contacts of a hacked Facebook account?

The web interface displays all the contacts stored in the account and the history of interactions with them. Each contact shows the phone number associated with it, the date of the last activity, and other personal data that the hacked user can see.

Is the app able to instantly notify me about new messages in the account?

The software includes a system of instant notifications. When setting it up, you can specify what types of events (messages, correspondence requests, History creation, etc.) you are interested in. The software is capable of sending browser-based and email notifications.

How often do I have to pay for the software?

WordsPass pricing policy is based on a one-time payment for the software, after which its full functionality will become available for you on a permanent basis.

Will I be able to delete messages from hacked correspondence?

WordsPass users can delete any chats and messages in the target Facebook account. Deleting data is only possible through the user's Dashboard.

Does the WordsPass app allow access to ad account data associated with a hacked Facebook profile?

You will be able to track the data of any advertising campaigns created on advertising manager of the hacked account.

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