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A universal solution for tracking activity and hacking password of any Tinder account. We guarantee confidential tracking, the hack is almost impossible to track.

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  • 20:52 I had all the information on my Odnoklassniki
  • 20:52 But I haven't been in there in a thousand years.
  • I don't even remember the number that was tied
  • 21:04 I see... 😂
  • 20:07

    WordsPass: Restore Odnoklassniki without a number

  • 21:08 Here's what Google suggests
  • 21:12 Woow, and Tinder can be hacked, too bad there's a fee
  • 21:08 Read about the referral program
  • 21:08 If the information is important, it can be difficult
  • 21:12 you're right
  • 21:12 I'll look into it at lunch.
  • 21:08 There is a lot of interesting functionality in this software, read
WordsPass tools for hacking Tinder

How to read girlfriends's messages on Tinder

Tinder hack app allows you to track swipes and messages in any account. In order to find out with whom a person chats on Tinder, it is enough to specify the link to its account and wait for the completion of the hack. All activity in the account will be displayed in the web interface of the application, including data on person´s current location, history of likes, time of last entry to the account.

  • Hi, I hacked her, but didn't find out anything
  • But here's an idea, is it possible to hack Tinder?
  • I mean, I don't know if she's registered there, can you check?
  • 21:04 Sure, it's easy, search for spyware apps on google
  • I heard about WordsPass, it´s a software for tracking Tinder
  • Great solution, you were very helpful!
  • 21:08 I can tell you more, wait

History of all chats, including deleted ones

The app is able to restore the full history of messages and calls in any chat - this is true even for deleted chats, regardless of who initiated the deletion. For each message or call, you can see the time it was sent and the delivery status. For calls, the duration of the conversation is also displayed. The content of all calls that take place in an account after it has been hacked can be recorded and saved to a video file.

Hack password of any Tinder account

In Dashboard you will see the current username and password, which you can use to log in to the account on the device. Most likely, Tinder's security system will send a verification code to the phone number linked to the account to confirm login - WordsPass will intercept this SMS message, block its delivery to the account owner's device, and display the code in the web interface.

Hack password of any Tinder account
Hack password of any Tinder account

Track purchase history on Tinder

A separate tab in the web interface displays information about active subscriptions to Tinder packages: time and date of subscription, associated payments, payment methods used. It also displays the history of premium features such as Superlikes, cancelled actions, etc.

Additional WordsPass tools

Functionality for activity tracking on Tinder

History of likes and superlikes received and submitted

Swipe activity in the hacked profile is broadcasted to WordsPass in a special tool. The activity history can be viewed as a whole or by sections - Swipes Left, Swipes Right, Matches. The application shows the time spent by the user to make a decision, the photos viewed, and a few other statistical metrics. For matches, it also shows which of the pairs swiped first to the left.

Account management and sending messages

You can manage the account database directly from the WordsPass Dashboard: change the profile description, upload or delete photos, send and cancel messages. If necessary, you can put the account under the full control - just change the account password and change the linked phone number.

Activity status, devices and other personal data

WordsPass duplicates all sensitive account data: information about active authorization sessions and the time of the last login to the application, the linked phone address. In addition, the software is able to track the Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify accounts linked to the profile.

Wordspass: Flexible and responsive notification system

The software allows you to stay up to date on what's happening in the account: all you have to do is activate and configure the notification system. Notifications can be sent depending on the type of activity, when it occurs, and many other factors. Notifications are sent through the browser or to email. The app instantly learns about new activity in the account and notifies the user about it.

User feedback section.

What our customers say about us

Leonid Tyur
Leonid Tyur
star star star star star5

Cool app! Much better value than buying Tinder Gold or other premium packages. It is clear that the functionality is a bit limited, but in general it is more than enough. With help of WordsPass I was able to like the girls that I accidentally swiped to the left earlier. I was afraid that I could get blocked, but I've been using the app for 6 weeks now and everything is absolutely fine.

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Minya Badaev
Minya Badaev
star star star star star5

Apparently, this is the only properly working tool for watching Tinder profiles without registration. I created an account, typed in my city, and was able to view users directly in my browser. I liked that I don't have to set filters by gender and age, the app can show all users in the city. Thanks!

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Nipun Pathum
Nipun Pathum
star star star star star5

I hacked my crush´s Tinder to find out about my competitors. I can note the design of the application, everything is very simple and accessible, although a lot of information is extracted. I am a designer myself, so I express professional respect!

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Charley Adams
Charley Adams
star star star star star5

My Tinder was blocked because of a strange complaint from a lady with whom we had a match. It was very frustrating, considering that in addition to her, I had several dozens of matches there! Talking to support didn't have much effect, so I started looking for alternative solutions and found WordsPass. It took less than an hour to unlock it, and I got extra features as well. For a great price! I am very glad I found this software.

instagram Instagram
Diana Averina
Diana Averina
star star star star star5

Very useful thing. I suspected that my boyfriend uses Tinder, but I did not want to register there to check it. Google suggested this app and I was able to track his profile by phone number and then hack into his correspondence and find out who he likes. Nothing criminal was found, by the way. All of the functionality described on the site works properly, I give it the highest score

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Bennya Legky
Bennya Legky
star star star star star5

Wonderful tool for checking if the friends are on Tinder :)) Frankly saying, it's quite addictive. In the end, I ran through and looked at the profiles of all the people who are in my contact list. In addition, the app partially opens the premium features of Tinder for a much lower price than the social media itself, but I still prefer Gold-status, managing my likes in the app itself is more convenient for me.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to use Tinder functionality through the WordsPass interface?

The application is capable of performing actions related to the database of a hacked account - editing the profile, deleting content, and tracking data. To perform actions related to other people's profiles (for example, swipes), it is necessary to log in to the account via Tinder.

Will I be able to find out when the hacked person last used the Tinder app?

In Dashboard you can see all the information about account sessions: the date and time of the last login to the account, data about uninstalling and installing the application on devices, the duration of past authorization sessions.

How do I track an Instagram account linked to another person's Tinder profile?

To identify tied accounts in social medias, it is enough to perform a standard Tinder account hack. The application will display the username of the Instagram profile and the publications duplicated in the Tinder profile.

How do Mixer videos are getting recorded bu WordsPass?

WordsPass records audio and video of calls in the background, without requiring any permission from the hacked user. Once the recording is complete, the video file can be played online, downloaded to the device, or emailed.

Is the app able to determine person's location through Tinder?

The app tracks the geolocation of all authorized devices if the Tinder app installed on them has permission to access geodata.