Web app for hacking and tracking Snapchat accounts

Specify the username of the target account or the phone number linked to it:
Hacking a Snapchat account with WordsPass provides anonymous tracking of all activity going on in the account: correspondence, postings, views, calls, and more.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • Dany

    Is there any way to track another person's hidden snaps on Snapchat?

  • Dany

    I can't find this function

  • Me

    I don't think that's possible in snapchat, as far as I know.

  • Me

    But there are third-party applications

  • Dany

    Tell me more! For example?

  • Me

    I only know Wordspass, but maybe you can find something else.

WordsPass features

How you can use the Snapchat tracking app

Track likes and subscribers cheating in any Snapchat account. The application is able to analyze the activity on profile publications and compare its intensity. If the number of likes or new subscribers for a certain period of time significantly exceeds the average data for other periods, the software identifies it as a possible scam and notifies the user about it.

  • Dany

    my Snapchat is full of important information

  • Dany

    and I forgot my password, can you believe it?

  • Me

    And you lost the old number, right? :)

  • Me

    you can restore a Snapchat account without a number using WordsPass tracker👍

Read other person's messages on Snapchat

The application displays the history of personal and group chats in the account. In addition to correspondence, each chat shows a list of participants, managers, and some statistics (average number of messages per day, the most active participants, etc.). Playback of voice and video messages is performed directly in the web-interface using built-in media players.

Geolocation detection and SnapMap broadcast

The software finds geodata stored in the account database and displays it on interactive maps in Dashboard. With WordsPass you can find out where the profile owner was at a certain moment, determine his current location and the address of the nearest location. The history of the movements can be tracked on the map or exported to the device as a table with coordinates.

Additional WordsPass tools

You will get access to the following features

Monitoring and archiving the publication

WordsPass technology tracks and saves all publications created in the hacked account - Snaps, Snapbacks and Memories, including the expired ones. It also accesses the original content of the publication - photos and videos before being processed by Snapchat Lenses.

Accessing data from the call log

The contents of the Snapchat Call Log are duplicated in Dashboard: data about the initiation time and duration of calls made in the account, phone numbers of all participants in a conversation, and screenshots if any were made by video call participants during the conversation (Snapchat tracks all screenshots created while using the application).

Snapchat subscriber list tracking

The app is capable of collecting an array of data containing phone numbers and email addresses of all subscribers of a hacked account. The tool is especially beneficial for businesses: for example, the subscriber base of a competitor's profile can be used for email newsletters or to create retargeting audiences on advertising platforms of social medias.

Wordspass: Finding a lost phone via Snapchat

You can use access to the account's geodata to track the location of the own phone that has been stolen or lost. For disconnected devices the software displays the last tracked geo data before it was turned off.

Benefits of Wordspass


Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to track multiple Snapchat accounts at the same time?

The software is capable of monitoring 5 Snapchat profiles simultaneously.

Can Snapchat Score hack compromise account security?

With WordsPass, the Snapchat Score hack remains invisible to the social media's security system. The app simulates account activity, thereby encouraging the platform to boost the user's account rating.

Will I be able to post snaps as a hacked user?

Once the hack is complete, the target account will be under the full control. From the WordsPass Dashboard you can create and delete publications, edit the profile, manage subscriptions, etc.

Does the app allow you to manage account authorization data?

Users can change the email and phone number attached to the account, and create a new password. In fact, if you want, you can transfer a hacked account under the full control.

Is the app capable of restoring the geodata of disappeared publications?

When restoring snapshots that have already expired, the software finds the data packet associated with a particular publication and restores it in its entirety (including data about the device's location at the time the post was created).