Track activity and hack password on Instagram

To get started, enter the username or phone number of the target account:
Set up anonymous tracking of another person's Instagram account. The application opens access to the password, correspondence, and location of authorized devices.

By registering a profile in the monitoring panel, you automatically accept all the Terms and Conditions.

  • 20:52 I think there are different tools for tracking storiz
  • 20:52 do you know of any maybe?
  • It would help me a lot right now.
  • 21:04 Sure, bro!
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    WordsPass: Track the Instagram profile

  • I've had a couple of friends use it.
  • 21:12 I knew it, you can't do without it in the profession.
  • 21:08 It is what it is.
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Data tracking, account management and other features

Is there a reliable and anonymous way to hack Instagram for free?

At the moment there are no apps on the spyware market that can perform a completely free Instagram hack. An alternative way for those who want to set up spying on another person and not pay is the WordsPass app affiliate program. Participants in the program need to attract interested users to the app by distributing an affiliate link. For each referred user the WordsPass account will receive referral fees, which can be spent on buying hacking software, or withdrawn to a third-party account.

  • I think someone is tracking my Instagram
  • often the messages are read, although I don't remember to read them
  • Is there any way to hack Instagram?
  • 21:04 For sure there is a way
  • I will check
  • Thank you!
  • 21:08 I searched, there are different options, you can even hack Instagram by phone number

Saving correspondence and searching messages

The app hacks Direct correspondence, and then sets up tracking of new messages. Voice and video messages can be played directly in the web interface with built-in media players. Disappearing photos and videos from private messages are saved and remain available for viewing and exporting to the device at any time.

Track movements of authorized devices

WordsPass technology is a universal solution for locating, tracking or finding lost devices via Instagram. The current geodata of devices that have logged in to the target account are read by the app and displayed on interactive web maps. The software saves information about visited locations, determines the address, and pulls up information about them from other map services.

Track the current authorization data

The software accesses the username and password from the hacked account by intercepting the verification code to restore access to the account. Once the hack is complete, this data becomes available for copying and authorization into the target Instagram profile.

Track the current authorization data
Other WordsPass features

You will get access to the following features

Tracking and archiving of publications

Publications are saved in the WordsPass account database, and their content, comments, likes and views data are displayed in the app on a permanent basis. You will also be able to manage posts and comments: create, delete or edit them. For Stories you get additional data about other users' interactions and the time left until the publication disappears are broadcast.

The activity is displayed in the WordsPass Feed

WordsPass Feed is a universal adaptive application screen that displays all of the user's important and relevant information. By default, the software displays there all the tracked actions: authorization sessions, page views, interaction with publications, subscriptions, clicks on third-party links, and much more. You can modify the screen content with various options, filters, and sorting options.

Take control over any account or business profile

The functionality of the app allows you to take someone´s personal profile or company page under the full control. WordsPass users can change the password of the hacked account, edit the linked email address and phone number. WordsPass provides the transfer of ownership in a way so the account owner does not get notified about it.

Wordspass Advantages

User feedback section.

What our customers say about us

Zakhar Svintsitsky
Zakhar Svintsitsky
star star star star star5

I got hacked myself, and this app turned out to be the most reliable way to recover a stolen Instagram. It took about 30 minutes to do everything, and most importantly, I will now be able to manage my profile authorization sessions, meaning if I get hacked again, I can quickly get my account back if I get hacked again.

instagram Instagram
Elva Voova
Elva Voova
star star star star star5

Just recently I found out that such programs existed, and I immediately began researching the market. I have my own business, and being able to spy on competitors' ad campaigns, I think, can really change the game! I just bought the app a week ago and the functionality is impressive. I'm still trying it out, but my first impressions are that it is beyond compare, because the other tools available don't give me half of what Wordspass gives me.

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Belen Fabianski
Belen Fabianski
star star star star star5

Definitely, Wordspass is the top solution for hacking Instagram. I used it to hack my sister's friend's profile, after hacking I was able to track his correspondence, view his hidden posts, even determine geolocation! I'll be honest, I didn't really explore the features of the app initially, so it was all a pleasant surprise. I rate it 10 out of 10 and I would recommend it.

instagram Instagram
Martin Ceirans
Martin Ceirans
star star star star star5

My girlfriend still doesn't know I'm following her, and I hacked her Instagram four months ago! I think that's enough to briefly describe my experience. I like the interface and the speed of the software, everything works without delay, even though my phone is older than Instagram itself. Once had to deal with customer support, also pleased with a quick and competent response.

instagram Instagram
Stu Fisher
Stu Fisher
star star star star star5

Great topic!!! I use this program to record my business partner's calls. He doesn't know about it, the quality of the recordings is generally okay, the price is generally adequate. In short, zero complaints, everything written on the site is spot on, kudos to the developers and the team!

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Timmy Oliver
Timmy Oliver
star star star star star5

Awesome! I understand that not everyone reading this will approve, but I don't care 😎 I hacked the Instagram of our local urban celebrity, without any bad intentions, I was just very curious to know how and what he lives. I want to tell you that for the opportunities this app gives, the price is ridiculous!!!!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Once the hack is complete, will I be able to manage the advertising account associated with the target account?

The application allows you to fully manage the hacked account. WordsPass will display all the data about past and current ad campaigns in the advertising cabinet. From there you will also be able to create, edit or delete campaigns.

Is the app capable of determining if the hacked user has cheated on the subscribers or likes in the account?

A special module is built into the software that tracks data on the growth of subscribers and likes under publications. If their number grows unnaturally fast compared to other periods of time, the application marks a series of subscriptions or likes as suspicious.

Will I be able to close current authorization sessions in my Instagram account?

WordsPass users can close and create new authorization sessions to a hacked account at any time.

Is it possible to send messages to Direct on behalf of a hacked user without logging into an Instagram account?

You'll be able to send, schedule, and delete messages directly from the app's web interface.

Is WordsPass able to recover content from Stories that were published before the account was hacked?

Instagram's data retention policy stipulates that data from Stories is retained even after it is no longer viewable. Thanks to this feature of the platform, the WordsPass app is able to recover such content regardless of the date of publication.